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Natural Preservatives


As Ferment Gıda, we have created our natural preservatives portfolio with the mission of finding innovative projects and special products for the food industry.


Natural preservatives; Vinegar-based products developed inspired by traditional methods, products containing herbal and spice extracts, and biotechnological products , address different needs with products from different groups and raw materials.  

These products without E code, produced with natural ingredients, create alternative solutions to synthetic chemical preservatives.


Contains natural antimicrobials derived from vinegar extract. It is effective against Gr +/- salmonella, e-coli, mold and yeast.


Contains spice extracts, herbal ingredients and antimicrobials from vinegar extract. It is antifungal especially for cured products.


It is a natural preservative derived from plant extracts, organic acids and natural flavors. It is effective against Gr +/- salmonella, e-coli, mold and yeast.


It is obtained from streptomyces albulus by natural fermentation. It has a broad spectrum effective against mold / yeast gr +/-.


Natural phage solutions isolated from nature against Salmonella, Listeria and E. Coli.

Cheese Lunch Ingredients

For centuries, mankind has sought various ways to preserve the food they have produced, and found various ways such as cooking, drying, freezing, salting, canning, fermenting, and smoking. The growing population, the consumption foods produced in different locations than the produced foods, the consumption habits, economic reasons, and the developing food industry are trying to develop these protective activities for millennia.

For this, studies on substances that can be used as preservatives have been going on since the beginning of industrialization.

Preservatives used in the food industry; nitrite and nitrate compounds are some antimicrobials such as nisin, benzoic acid and its salts, sulfur dioxide and various sulfides, sorbic acid and its salts, propionic acid and its salts, acetic acid and acetate.

The use of these contributions is evaluated by national and international authorities and its use is considered safe within the limits set by the legislation.

With the developing technology and industry, consumers are also in search of clean content products that contain less additives. This group of consumers is driving the food manufacturers and additive producers to find new methods and natural ingredients.

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